You just found the article that gives you the most Instagrammable places in Malta. The Maltese Islands are full of Instagram-worthy spots but we had to choose our favourite ten. Whether you’re an Instagram influencer or a photographer, Malta has got you covered when it comes to generating content for your feed. Here are our favourites:

1 | The Mdina Gate

Built in the 1700s by Charles François de Mondion, the gate serves as the main entrance to Malta’s most magnificent city, Mdina. The Baroque style gate enjoys views of the newly transformed ditch garden. You will surely enjoy a walk on the turf whilst stopping to capture the perfect angle of the fortified gate. If you’re wondering where you’ve seen this scene before, this gate was used in Game of Throne’s as King’s Landing in season 1, episode 3.

Game of Thrones, King's Landing

2 | Blue Mdina Door

You can double your content just by walking a few meters from the Mdina Gate. Step into the winding alleys this city has to offer, where you will come across a blue door. Together with the limestone walls of a house’s facade it can definitely be your best backdrop to date. Gaining its popularity through photos and Insta stories, this door even has its own location marked on Google Maps.

3 | Blue Grotto

Visiting the southern part of Malta? Taking the boat tour through the caves? Scuba diving in the crystal blue water? Or maybe just driving by? You have to check out this phenomenal natural creation situated between Zurrieq and Qrendi.

4 | Blue Lagoon

If the Blue Mdina Door and The Blue Grotto weren’t blue enough, so grab a boat and head over to Comino’s Blue Lagoon. With its clear blue sea and white sand, the Blue Lagoon is undoubtedly one of Malta’s treasured hot spots. Whilst you’re there, make sure to indulge in the famous pineapple drink. We promise that any angle is a perfect angle when capturing this picturesque scene.

5 | Popeye Village

From its Film Set days of the musical production ‘Popeye’ to one of the Island’s most iconic and unique tourist attraction, a picture of this sea side village will definitely get those double taps rolling…

6 | Triton Fountain

Just before Valletta became the Capital City of Culture in 2018, the bronze statue was sent to Florence for restoration, and €4 million later, the three Tritons now guard the entrance to Malta’s historical capital. The extensive square surrounding the fountain was also given a modern revamp, so if you’re looking for depth of field, you surely know where to head to. The lighting at sunset definitely makes it a great contender for The Best Instagram Worthy Places in Malta Award!

7 | Kalanka Bay, Delimara

Home of the late Jack Russell ‘Titti’, the world famous cliff diving dog, Kalanka Bay in Delimara is a must-visit for those daring to explore the island in a bold way.  Sit on the edge and get a first-hand view of the infinite Mediterranean Sea ahead, and if you’re into cliff diving, then this is the place to be!

8 |  Tal-Mixta Cave

Eventhough this article is about The Best Instagram Worthy Places in Malta, we also had to include something about Gozo. If you’re wandering your way around our sister island, visit the ‘Tal-Mixta Cave’ in Nadur where a perfectly placed cave overlooks the picturesque elements the Maltese Islands have to offer, SEA, SAND and SUN.

9 |  Wied il-Ghasri

Walk (or bike) your way to Wied il-Ghasri, where a valley winds its way from Ta’ Dbieġi Hill, all the way through l-Ghasri and Zebbug in Gozo. Make sure to keep your camera rolling as this quaint spot is full of photogenic features

10 |  Palazzo De Piro

If you’re looking for eventful nights with panoramic views, then look no further than Palazzo De Piro. Located in the winding alleys this former boarding school enjoys views of the Maltese Island. Moreover, this 16th Century Palazzo offers profound historical features which will definitely fill your Insta feed with authenticity.