The culture and way of life all over the Mediterranean has been influenced historically over the millennia by the movements and coming together of highly varied cultures and civilisations over land and sea.

As a direct consequence, the entire Mediterranean region was left with a permanent mark on its cuisine and flavours.

True Mediterranean cooking can be seen to share a variety of commonalities across countries – with more or less subtle variations – based on having a similar climate and produce, such as olive oil, sheep and goat cheeses, beans, cereals, fish, a sparing use of meats, nuts and the use of regional fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

Whether you choose our award-winning fine dining de Mondion, perched on Mdina’s bastions, the more relaxed, al fresco Trattoria AD 1530 in the palace’s courtyard, or if you’d rather enjoy a sumptuous dinner in the privacy of your room, at The Xara Palace we pride ourselves in featuring a cuisine richly steeped in these basic ingredients, yet not bound by the shackles of tradition.

We like to call our offering ‘Modern Mediterranean’, producing dishes that are both delectable and nutritious!

The deMondion

The de Mondion offers a unique fine dining experience, enhanced by truly spectacular panoramic views of the island from the terraces and charming features served in elegant surroundings.

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The Medina Restaurant

Just off Mdina’s main Cathedral Square, in one of the Silent City’s typical winding alleys, The Medina Restaurant is a jewel of an eatery, flooded with natural charm. This restaurant is temporarily closed for à la carte.

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Trattoria AD1530

The Trattoria AD 1530 is a charming eatery that prides itself in serving traditional and tasty food typical of the name ‘Trattoria’.

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