Wibke Seifert presents her second solo exhibition. The idea for the the title was born two
and a half years ago shortly after her frst exhibition or maybe even on its very opening. It is
probably one of the most verbal promises of all, typically made on remarkable dates, from
now on I do this or that, or I don‘t, and it is probably the one which is broken most.
But taken seriously, from now on can be empowering, can be understood as a guiding light
that lets one seek limits, test them and then go beyond. From now on can provide space and
freedom to be filled with vision and creation.

Having said that, this exhibition is not only a review on the artist‘s work of the past two
and a half years but a glimpse of what is still to come. As these three words connect the
present with the past and future: they are a statement as to where the artist stands right now,
her point in life with frail parents but the power of the newest generation on the doorstep
sparkling like a firework.

Wibke Seifert is of German origin. The family has lived in Malta since 1995 and runs an
industrial business. During her quarantine in 2020, Wibke started experimenting with shapes
and colours and never looked back. Her favourite medium is oil, but the base varies: it shifts
from canvas to wood to Maltese rock and back to canvas and styles change even more

“My art lives of bold colours and exaggeration and is reined by love for detail. My palette
knife forgets any accuracy, but my brushes fght for the last bit of the fnest shading.


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